Transport Lombok Airport to Senaru

USUALLY tourists who visit the island of Lombok, will almost certainly visit three exotic Gili in North Lombok Regency, namely Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. In these three Gili, domestic and foreign tourists spend time touring the island, sunbathing, diving, snorkeling or enjoying the nightlife. Whereas in North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) there are still many interesting tourism objects to visit, especially the traditional Lombok village which is not yet known to tourists. One of them which is now “on the rise” is Senaru Traditional Village in Bayan District.

How Long From Lombok Airport to Senaru

Lombok International Airport have been change the location from Bandara Selaparang Mataram to Lombok International Airport in Central Lombok which able for you to reach by car of motorbike, it takes approximately 3 hours by Private Car with long ride.

There are some please we passing during the trip to Senaru

  • Mataram City
  • Senggigi Beach
  • Bangsal Harbour
  • Monkey Forest Pusuk
  • Pandanan Beach
  • Teluk Kodek Beach
  • Malaka beach
  • Malimbu Hill
  • Teluk Nare Beach

The whole place will passing by us during the trip then you may take any photo as your memory, long ride from lombok airport to Senaru exactly will getting tired then we will drop you to some place like Restaurant or some Bar to take some drink and relax also taking any rest time by the beach side where the greatest panoramic embrace you all.

Which the Fastest way to Senaru from Lombok Airport

There are two way to reach the Senaru that From East Lombok and West Lombok Side, the transport from Lombok Airport to Senaru from the west side, the whole road well ride, save and comfortable car will be your choice. The step you need to follows :

Take a private car which suitable for you and your partner the vehicle depend to your necessary, it possible for you to get more space during the driving time, you take take order the vehicle previous day before the time with us then you can make order with us, the price 600.000rp for 2 – 4 persons of you with vehicle 6 seats.

After you get booking then our staff will serve you with paging which written under your name, that the fastest way to find our client in Lombok Airport.

From Lombok Airport to Mataram City it take 30 minutes drives with no traffic manner on the road of this side, Lombok Government has been established the road from Lombok Airport to Bangsal road with big space road then passing this road well better and smooth, the continue to the senggigi beach area it takes 20 minutes from Mataram City to Senggigi Area.

Senggigi Area to Tanjung the capital city of North Lombok it take approximately 60 minutes passing the Bangsal Harbour where you can take the public boat from Lombok to 3 island ( Trawangan, Meno and Air ), after 3 hours passed you will arrived in Senaru Village the we drop you to the hotel booking.

Where to stay in Senaru

There are some hotel you able to stay with, a great panoramic and cool temperature will accompany the whole time in Senaru Villages, here some hotel recommendation from One Rinjani Trekking :

  • Rinjani Lodge the iconic hotel with ballinese design will make you long stay with cause the swimming pool had Rinjani Mountain Terrace, that look so great for you, wake up in the morning time then the sunrise will come close to you with awesome smile.
  • Rudy Trekker Hotel, a medium budget hotel better for a night stay before trekking
  • RED Doors hotel

Most of the people staying in this hotel to get a village panoramic and situation which far from the busy and hurry activities.

Which company running transport from Lombok Airport to Senaru

you can book the transport with One Rinjani Trekking which has been running for some years to serve transportation for personal or group booking from Lombok Airport to Senaru, some transport serve from another meeting point in Lombok ready to get into :

  • Lombok International Airport to Senaru and the way back
  • Bangsal Harbour to Senaru and the way back
  • Kuta Lombok to Senaru and the way back
  • Mataram City to Senaru and the way back

Finally the information about Transportation from Lombok Airport to Senaru have been written by details, hope the information will help the traveller which visit Senaru as the choice to spend holiday time.

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