Top 5 The Best Hotel in Senaru

Senaru was a small village which location on the north side of Lombok, exactly on the feet step of Rinjani Mountain, most of traveler really enjoy thi place then many local people inspired to established some good hotel stay before hiking the Rinjani Mountain or just stay for one or two night to enjoy the great view of Rinjani Mountain from 1.200 MDPL.

However, here the Top 5 best hotel in Senaru really recommend :

Lombok Lodge

The luxurious, stylish suites combine the modern minimalism of award-winning Italian architect and interior designer Vittorio Simoni with charming Asian touches. as this moment we really confusing how to explain about this hotel situation cause the 3 big reason you should choose this accommodation as first choice :

  1. Swimming pool face up to the Rinjani Mountain
  2. The Balinese Hotel Design
  3. This Hotel have been rank as Best Hotel Choice in Tripadvisor
  4. Hotel with Bangket Sasak view hotel

Elegantly furnished in coconut-white, soft greys and calming creams, the suites are sumptuous and inviting, and the lighting subtle and chic. All interiors are equipped with an iPad, providing The Lombok Lodge Hotel Application and The Lombok Lodge innovating Apple Tv Movie- and Music System.

Hermès Premium Bathroom Amenities in a natural chic style are provided in order to make your stay even more exclusive.

Your time at The Lombok Lodge can be spent doing as little,
or as much, as you like.

You will find relaxation, excited water adventures and truly authentic cultural experiences while staying with us. From private yoga sessions with breathtaking ocean views, to adventurous hiking into Rinjani national park, Padi Scuba diving, surf lessons, romantic sunset cruises and so much more.

Rudy Trekker

The name was same like a person who own this hotel, Mr. Rudy, a special hotel design with second floor completely with swimming pool on it, come and visit this hotel as your memorable holiday in Lombok with great hotel view outside under the coolest temperature and green valley Senaru.

We want your stay with us to be a great beginning to your trekking experience. Rudy Trekker Guest House is an accommodation unlike others, with affordable, modern and traditional-styled rooms in the heart of picturesque Senaru. Lying within the compound of Rudy Trekker’s Guest House we have a pool available for our guests to enjoy a swim in the afternoon with a beautiful mountain range jungle view to the South.

This accommodation was located on Senaru Village, it was specified as a medium hotel stay with budget around 500.000rp to 700.000rp in low season condition, it most take by other trekker as one of base camp choice one day before trekking Rinjani Mountain due to location and hotel facility.

You would rather explore Senaru and the area on your own or would like to stay a night at Rudy Trekker’s after your hike? No problem. Outside guests are welcome at Rudy Trekker’s Guest House, too. And of course you can book an extra night with your trek.

Red Doors

New Hotel was launched in Senaru Village under a network hotel around that call RED Doors hotel, you can find many branch of this hotel in Indonesian with a cheapest price guarantee.

The Red doors hotel is one of the best choice hotel in Senaru which has a perfect facilities with air conditional, bath tub, double bed, the Rice Field terrace

Rinjani Light House

Rinjani Light house was established to show the traditional home under the green concept which take a bamboo as material from the whole side

  • Wall Side
  • Floor
  • Tables
  • Seats
  • etc

Rinjani Light house located just 200 meters from entrance to Rinjani National Park Senaru village Lombok. Rinjani Light house has own restaurant with a short but delicious menu. And there are restaurants next door and across the road.

Rinjani Light house is Western owned and managed accommodation has spacious and elegant rooms to make your holiday so much more comfortable. Start and finish your Mt Rinjani climbing adventure with us. Or just relax and enjoy our quiet and cool mountain town.

The Rinjani Light House is a traditional home under the bamboo material

Pondok Guru

A small hotel budget will be a last choice for you, it located in Senaru Village with very nice view around the hotel side.

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