Rinjani Trekking Package Price

Rinjani Trekking Package price has a different price every package depend to the what kind of your package you take, we have been corrected and recheck every cost expense to find the best reasonable price offer to you as a traveler,

Mt. Rinjani, at 3,726 Mdpl is the third highest mountain in Indonesia. In a valley high up on the western part of Mt. Rinjani lies Segara Anak Lake (2,208 Mdpl) whose sulfurous-smelling water has different temperatures from one part of the Lake to another, ranging from cool, through warm, to very hot. A new volcano is emerging from the center of this Lake, and it is still active and growing, some of Rinjani Description will remind us how sacred this mountain to explore then we can compare the budget price through the benefits you will got.

Every traveler will find some variant price via online, it made the traveler a little bit confusing due to there are no standard price show by every Travel Agent to climb Rinjani, here we enclose some of frequently question about Rinjani Trekking Package Price :

What the real prices for Rinjani Trekking ?

As a traveler which focused to find the best Rinjani Trekking Company which handle their trekker with the best service will be a hard job, comparing one company with another, find some recommendation from friends to friends who have been running the program earlier, an experiences from a friend of traveler will be the best choice of consideration.

Traveling as life style or just leaves home away from the boring activities, find the best nature from internet and find the best spot you want to visit soon then here the step of most people do before take any traveling :

  • Find the best place to visit
  • Manage the cost expense
  • Find the friend Recommendation to get the service quality, cost expense and condition
  • Comparing price on Forum and Internet
  • Make a Decision for your choice

Many people will try to decrease the cost for traveling, make a little negotiations to find the best deal in every packages they take it, although the price was suitable for their budgets but always try to make lower then what offered, Indonesian have a culture that the people can follow the rule of transaction, there are no fixed price then the people can make smile negotiations and friendly word then everything change.

Finally the real price depend to the what company you follow with and what kind of package you have been choose onto, every company operator have variant price due to quality of service from Standard Quality, Medium Quality of Premium Quality, hope of this description will clearly you mindset what the real prices is.

Why there are variances price on Internet ?

As the hotels services, every hotel will over you a different price depend to the service quality and the location where is it, this kind of service same as the Rinjani Trekking Package you find on internet, however the traveler choose the package the price will affected to the service quality such us :

  • Quantity of Porter
  • Variant of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu
  • Quality of equipment like tent, shoe and others
  • The professionalism of tour guide
Rinjani Trekking Price, Rinjani Package Price, Rinjani Tour Price

Then one thing should you remember that the price come straight together with the VIP quality, then do not hesitate about the price, a higher one will be a better service, other thing compare the quality from the Review on Tripadvisor

Why sharing price are cheaper then private one ?

Sharing price is a package where you can go together with another person then you can share the budget, we collect the people from our office report to plan the trekking package running on the same time and the quote have been passed for 10 participant.

The sharing package are cheaper then private cause sharing package has time fixed then the participant will follow the timing from our company One Rinjani Trekking, the package will running after the passenger fully our quote person.

Private Trekking Package depend from the traveler request, we ready for arrange trekking every time that traveler need to do, the benefits for private trekking Rinjani :

  • Fully service due to just you and friend come with us, no other person on our group
  • Fully control for equipment, Lunch, Diner also breakfast
  • Any spot require we just follows cause your package require
  • Easy to manage cause you are in acknowledge one to each other

Rinjani Trekking Package Price

We will enclose the Rinjani Trekking Package price base on Quantity of participant and what kind of package the traveler choose :

Rinjani Trekking Package Price Start from Senaru

Packages Price per Person
2 Persons4 Persons6 Persons8 Persons10 up Persons
Rinjani in One DayUSD 180USD 160USD 140USD 120USD 100
Rinjani 2D 1N Trek USD 190 USD 170 USD 160 USD 150 USD 140
Rinjani 3D 2N TrekUSD 250USD 230USD 210USD 190USD 170
Rinjani 4D 3N TrekUSD 310USD 290USD 270USD 250USD 230

Rinjani Trekking Price starting Sembalun

Packages Price per Person
2 Persons4 Persons6 Persons8 Persons10 up Persons
Rinjani 2D 1N TrekUSD 220USD 200USD 180USD 160USD 150
Rinjani 3D 2N Trek USD 250USD 230USD 210USD 190USD 170
Rinjani 4D 3N Trek USD 310USD 290USD 270USD 250USD 230

This Package included

  • An English speaker tour guide, also speak Bahasa and Malay, as a professional guide they will show you some story about Rinjani, The way to walk on the bad trek and the way you can balanced your body during trekking
  • Some of porter which standby for cooking, bring your tent, equipment also
  • Rinjani Trekking Entrance Fee
  • No hidden prices after deal
  • Soft drink and Fruits
  • Equipment ( Tent, Flash Light, Cooking Tools, Hats, Toilet paper and other more
  • Trek insurance
  • Lunch
  • Diner
  • Breakfast
  • Cookies
  • Friendly staff with smile ( extra )
  • One night hotel stay in senaru

This Package Exclude

  • Personal Expense
  • Flight Ticket
  • Shoes, Warm Jacket and Flash light ( Please Rent in Senaru, we also can help to rent this kind of equipment with separate price with our trekking package )
  • Tips for Guide
  • Tips for Porter
  • Mobile Credit

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellation less then 30 days the day work, we will refund 50% of the payment which have been transferred
  • If cancel due to personal reason ( Earthquake, Landslide, Eruption ) absolutely we will refund fully of your payment 100% full refund
  • Some of other payment which have been arranged such us ( Tent, Entrance fee, Insurance ) which are do not able to get Refund from the other Company Management then we do not able to Refund it.

Then Finally the last of Rinjani Trekking Price have been describe fluently, if you have any question which not writing above you may asked us to our personal contact 087864398636 of email us at onerinjanitrekking@gmail.com, we ready to serve you with best of our service

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