Rinjani Trekking Package 4 Days 3 Nights

A long time trekking, this package most take by some traveler who have spare to enjoy the trekking while take an spot which never reach previously, the client will try to find any some beautiful place hidden on mountain with tropical rain forest surround it.

What the benefits you got for this trip :

  • Overnight in Rinjani Crater Rim with 5 the best moment on Rinjani Crater Rim we can enjoy at that place, camping in the 2,641 meters on the surface of the water
  • Enjoy a night in Lake of Segara Anak while explore Hot Spring, Goa Susu ( Cave ) and explore the edge of Segara Anak Lake
  • More time to enjoy every the whole trip without missing any best place in Rinjani Mountain, actually this trip really enjoy.
  • Over Night in Sembalun Crater Rim also ( starting from Senaru Centre then over night in Sembalun was same like 2 different place in Rinjani mountain.
  • Suitable for family with kid and a big group

The price starting 285 USD with minimum 2 participant, another way you can ask your partner to come join with us to decrease the price, more participant lower price you get.

Day 0 Pick up at Meeting Point

Lombok has some place to visit as one of the best destination with beautiful beach or other place as your holiday project, some of destination offer :

  • White Sandy Beach
  • Beautiful Life Under Water
  • The Green environment

Most of tourism object in Lombok focused to offer the beautiful white sandy beach completely with life under water which very incredible, this kind of tourism object like 3 gilis ( Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air ) other place like Kuta and Senggigi also has beautiful beach front.

Back to Transport to Senaru which provide by our trekking company as a part of service from 5 Lombok meeting point for rinjani tour package ( Senggigi, Bangsal harbour, Kuta Lombok, Mataram and Senggigi area ) here we enclose time spend from each meeting point :

  • Bangsal Harbour to Senaru spend approximately 1,5 hours
  • Senggigi Area to Senaru it take 2 hours drive
  • Mataram city take 2,5 hours driving car to Senaru
  • Lombok Airport take 3 hours ride
  • Kuta Lombok take approximately 3,5 hours to Senaru where our base camp is.

Day 01 Starting to Hike Rinjani

After getting a little breakfast in the morning time at 05.00 Am then continue for waiting for pick up from our staff which riding a car to the Rinjani Trekking Centre where the registration will proceed immediately, after all administration done then time to explore the first sign to say welcome to Rinjani Mountain.

The first step will explain about the green environment where you can see rain forest everywhere and the bird voice and morning situation will accompany you and friend the whole time, the trek difficulty under the medium rank which so easy for you as an expert trekking.

after trekking for 4 or 5 hours then we will arrived in POS 1 where you will take a little rest for collecting new energy by consumption some pieces of protein snack, relax for a while then continue to reach POS 2 where long rest time getting here, porter and guide still working together as usually to serve any kind of food for special lunch service.

After stomach have been been got it what they need and the body feel more power then continue to explore to hike up to reach a place where we stay for a night camping that we call SENARU CRATER RIM with 2.641 meters on surface of water, after this spot reached and an awesome panoramic will suddenly your mouth say wwoooowww without control, then put your hand on the bag and take out your camera and shot the moment out, do not missing any moment before you leave that place.

Rinjani Trekking package 4 days 3 nights

Day 02 Crater Rim Lake

Stay on 2.641 meter on surface of water was so amazing, sleeping under the star covering by the sky, and at the morning time the sun rise have been raise up to say hello to the earth that morning coming soon, after a breakfast time with some of selected menu then continue trekking down to Crater Rim Segara Anak Lake.


Trekking down to the Lake

This part of trekking down, we have been classified as one of the difficult trek in Rinjani Mountain should be carefully when going down, put your foot on good material landing then step your other foot, other traveler will very hesitate when going down, that time for our guide to help and lead the step by step, a great power and spirit time to use it.

Breaking down your fear on this center of difficult will really need it, after 4 or 5 hours trekking down to the lake of Segara Anak with hard enough trek continue to enjoying the time to celebrate our succeeded to going down to the river side by take a bath and feel the segara soul.

Another activity you can do here to explore Segara Anak from edge to the shoreline, and keep walking to the next destination, Rinjani Hot Spring where you can make hot tube for you relax time,

Day 03 Move from Rinjani Lake to Rinjani Crater Rim 2 Sembalun

Segara Anak lake will be a long moment we spend out there due to most of traveler really enjoy it, Hot Spring to bring back your body health, fishing time in Segara Anak to bring back your mindset back to the exploration zone and see the beautiful lake make new moment save in your mind.

After breakfast and before lunch time come through, then time to get free activity around, anyone can be spend their time on Segara Anak, Hot Spring or Goa Susu.

Afternoon time come over then the next step to continue trekking up to Rinjani Crater 2 Sembalun where the location was so amazing with 2.639 meters on surface of the water, from this spot you will witness some kind of beautiful views :

  • Sunset Time on Sembalun
  • Summit of Mount Rinjani
  • North Lombok Village
  • Segara Anak Lake views by the higher place

On this step side, we have been categories as one of the difficult trek we call Steep and Slippery Zone then be carefully and stay follow the leader instruction for better movement. a night camp here before reach the summit of Rinjani Mountain

Day 04 Climb to summit and Trek Down

The new challenge come to your face and continue to prepare yourself for wake up at a very early time at 03.00 AM to reach the spectacular view Sunrise on Summit, morning breakfast will prepare before trekking start.

Keep sleep earlier then before to save your eye open up during morning time, a camera will need it on the top summit, we stay at summit only 30 minutes due to the wind condition and the temperature change without permission.

After summit adventures finished and we heading down to the Sembalun Crater Rim then going down to POS 2 For getting lunch, we donot back to Senaru Crater Rim but Sembalun Crater Rim then continue to the pos 2 and pos 1 end in Sembalun.

Start Trekking Senaru – Pos 1 – Pos 2 – Pos 3 – Senaru Crater Rim – Segara Anak Crater Rim – Sembalun Crater Rim – Summit – Sembalun Crater Rim – Pos1/pos2/Pos3 – Sembalun

After end the trekking in Sembalun as last meeting point then ready to transported you and friend to the next destination.

The whole price include

  • Dropping Service to the next destination
  • Entrance fee Rinjani National Park
  • Rinjani Trekking Insurance
  • Collecting Rubbish from top to Bottom
  • Rubbish Cover prepared
  • Snack, Fresh Fruits
  • Soft Drink
  • All trekking equipment
  • All trekking tools
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Diner
  • Professional Guide and Porter
  • Licensed Guide
  • A Night stay in Senaru
  • Pick up Service from Meeting Point

The price are Exclude

  • Personal expense
  • Shoes ( able to rent anywhere before trekking )
  • Beer/Alcohol Drink
  • Flight Ticket
  • Warm Jacket ( able to rent before trekking )
  • Tips for guide and porter

Rinjani Trekking 4 Days 3 Nights Price

Group Size

2 pax

4 pax

6 pax

8 pax

10 pax

Price per person

310 USD

290 USD

270 USD

250 USD

230 USD

Finally all information about Rinjani Trekking Package 4 Days 3 Night have been explained widely here, then if you have any question about that, please do not hesitate to contact us on onerinjanitrekking@gmail.com and chat us via WA : +62 878-9993-8630

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