Rinjani Trekking in One day trip package

Rinjani Trekking Package in one day trip is shortest time and shortest trekking activity, every trekker will have a little time where they can reach the thing which people like it in short time, without waste the time for for slow trekking.

There are something need to prepared before you take this kind of package :

  • Health quality, before take this kind of package you need to keep your body health before fast trekking, keep control your food and drink to get more nutrition and stamina before the day of trekking done over you.
  • Fitness Frequently, to reach the Senaru Crater Rim in one day trip will be a new challenge and need to have high fitness level to cover your muscle work properly on the short trek
  • Rinjani Package in one day trip has one destination which offer a great panoramic to see around on Senaru Crater Rim
  • If one get another package with long term, you may take Rinjani Trekking Package 4 days 3 nights will be a long time trekking.

What the Benefits of one day Trekking Rinjani

In every choice that you take, the trekking will realize that what the greatest thing that they can got after take this shortest trekking package :

  • Fast Trekking challenge which suitable for you who has frequent trekking experience in the whole time anfg high level fitness
  • We do not recommend for the beginner of trekker
  • Fast time trekking will decrease the cost expense
  • Put the Rinjani Mountain Trekking for one day then another day to continue visit other place in Lombok which have been planned previously
  • The 3 Gilis View ( Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air ) from Senaru Crater Rim from the west side under the re clip of blue sky.
  • The Mount Agung View in Bali where the Sun Set time going down onto and disappear on the feet of Mount Agung Bali
  • Sunrise step up from down to the upside and welcoming the morning time from the corner of the green Valley of Sangkareang
  • Another detail of 5 Best Views on Senaru Crater Rim

Itinerary for one day Rinjani Trip

For the first day, our driver and staff will pick you up from where the place have been informed to us as our meeting point in Lombok, as the time we meet on that place, here the 5 meeting point for Rinjani Trekking which all the trekker who take our package will get the service.

After pick up service done then a half night will spend at guest house in Senaru Village, after get some welcome drink and other hotel facilities to enjoy it, your guide will prepare :

  • Trekking Equipment
  • Rinjani Trekking Information
  • Standard Safety Trekking
  • Briefing with whole trekker
  • Team Work with trekker

After the time pointed to 12.00 AM, your dream should be stop until that then our staff will come together with you all by car to the Senaru Trekking Centre where the Registration Should be take in. this the way where the trekking starting for.

After POS 1 reached in 3 hours trekking by the night time, this time where the whole trekker should have flash light on head to light the step, a little rest by 10 minutes we will take in this post as holding time to focused the position right over.

Trekking for 2 hours then we meet at POS 2, as our early program then we follow the previous one to take a little rest give an a symbol to the trekker that we have been reach this second Pos, finally we will push the last of our mission to reach Senaru Crater Rim.

Take it your step up ans spend the time for 3 hours trekking, now your step was change to the Senaru Crater Rim with Segara Anak Lake Panorama and Beautiful Peak of Rinjani Mountain right in-front of you, staying for a couple of hour on it then time to go down.

Finishing the Trekking Rinjani in One day

After a little activity like selfie time, taking a beautiful panorama around and getting some of picture y one to each other then 1 hours running,it time to going down to finish the trekking activity, trekking for 3 or 4 hour down to the place where we will take a little lunch out there.

POS 2 will be a good time to relax and enjoy the lunch time with the whole traveler, this time very useful for trekker to straight on the feet muscle, reinforce the breathe and take a little conversation with other trekker, share about the experience and after that going down to the Senaru Village for 3 and 4 hours trekking.

The last service that bring the whole client to the next destination in Lombok for next place holiday time by air conditioner car to

  • Bangsal Harbour
  • Senggigi Area
  • Mataram City
  • Kuta Lombok
  • Lombok Airport

Cost for trekking package

The price starting USD 180 for person wiht minimum 2 persons of trekker, more trekker candidates come together with you the cheaper price will come with.

Price Rinjani Trekking one day trip

Group SizePrice Per Person
2 PaxUSD 180
4 PaxUSD 160
6 PaxUSD 140
8 PaxUSD 120
10 PaxUSD 100

The whole price include

  • Professional Guide and Porter
  • Licensed Guide
  • A Night stay in Senaru
  • Pick up Service from Meeting Point
  • Dropping Service to the next destination
  • All trekking equipment
  • All trekking tools
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Diner
  • Entrance fee Rinjani National Park
  • Snack, Fresh Fruits
  • Soft Drink
  • Rinjani Trekking Insurance
  • Collecting Rubbish from top to Bottom
  • Rubbish Cover prepared

The price are Exclude

  • Tips for guide and porter
  • Personal expense
  • Flight Ticket
  • Shoes ( can be rent anywhere before trekking )
  • Warm Jacket ( Can be rent before trekking

Finally the last of Rinjnai Trekking in One Days have been describe fluently, if you have any question which not writting above you may asked us to our personal contact +62 878-9993-8630 of email us at onerinjanitrekking@gmail.com, we ready to serve you with best of our service

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