Rinjani Trekking 4 Days 3 Nights start Sembalun

A Little Information about Sembalun

On the steep slopes of Mountain Rinjani, it gets very cold at night, but as soon as the sun comes out, a scenic panorama is revealed. Rice, garlic, tomato, chili, cabbage fields unfold in the valley against the background of the still active volcano. The indigenous Sembalun community settling here has scarce space to live.

The steeper slopes cannot be cultivated. A part of their traditional land overlaps with the Mount Rinjani National Park, other areas where turned into big, privately-owned, plantations. A huge state-of-the-art greenhouse in the middle of the land traditionally used by the Sembalun for cattle ranching, on the territory of the national park further reduces the land available.

The introduction of modern large-scale agribusiness and private land ownership has over the last decades considerably devastated the natural resources, diminished the forest and threatened the water sources. It is forbidden to extract any kind of wood or hunt animals. Whoever wants to fell a tree needs to receive a permission, subject to a proof that 10 new trees have been planted. Newly-married couples have the obligation to plant 4 new trees and care for them.

Traditionally, of the 24 000 hectar belonging to the customary Sembalun land, only about 4000 are converted to be used for fruit and vegetable agriculture, pasture land for livestock, rice fields, settlement and harvest stocks. The remaining area is remains for the biggest part intact nature, consisting mainly of forests.

In recent times, cattle running free have become a problem, together with forest fires, damaging the intact or freshly reforested areas.

Sembalun is divided into two villages; Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung which only 2 km apart. The area looks like a dry lake, transformed into a fertile land.

The trekking capacity and the difficulty is suitable for beginner trekker while Required good level of fitness and strong walks, but there are something that do not allowed by the team of Rinjani Trekking Controller who is Person with mountain sickness or height phobia are not allowed to join this tour
Tours can leave any days except weather conditions does not permitted

Planting the trees not only useful for improving the quality of our environment. planting also can decrease the risk bush of fire

Our trips is include free pick up from airport Lombok than transfer to Senggigi or Senaru you can meet with your trekking guide and porters, then we will explain the trekking procedure and prepare for your trips

Trekking itinerary:

Day 01. Breakfast at base camp Senaru, lunch and dinner at mountain.

  • Starting the trekking activity to get up at 6.00 AM and get breakfast special from our staff for welcoming food and fresh drinking to imppule the power from down to up of mountan
  • Get in the car for 07.00 AM get transfer to Sembalun village for 45 -60 minutes drive with great view on the way to Sembalun with green tree sorround it.
  • Registration at Rinjani Information Center ( RIC ) 1051m which take your Passport for International Guest and ID card for indonesian people (KTP)
  • Start the first trek to reacah POS 1 ( Pos Pemantauan 1.300 M ) with slowly and anjoying trekking with a little trek over the mountain and it takes 2 hours walk and continue to take a rest 10 minutes at POS 1
  • Walk to the secont stop we call POS 2 for 1 hour ( Pos Tengengean 1.500m )and every step we reach out should be take a rest 10 minutes to reborn our new spirit and energy.
  • Continue to POS 3 ( Pada Balong 1.800m ), 1 hour walk. Lunch will be prepare at POS 3 and take a rest for 2 hours.
  • Continue walking up another 3 hours to Crater Rim ( Plawangan Sembalun 2.639m ), Dinner and Overnight at Crarter Rim Sembalun, enjoy sunset and sunrise for next day.

Day 02. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the mountain.

  • Starting the second days, Get up at 02.30 Am, have some light breakfast to get early to the top of Rinjani mountain, than leave at 03.00 AM, that time look too early for the people which never trek previously, then please commit to follow the trekking for get better trekking experience.
  • Heading Summit Rinjani ( 3.726m ), walking time approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes which this trekking up, it should trekking pole will be more important to push your body up.
  • by Rinjani Mountain summit you can see all of Lombok island, Bali, Sumbawa and Segara Anak Lake
  • Walk back to camp to get breakfast
  • Get a little tour to Walk down to Segara Anak Lake and Hot Spring water for 3 hours
  • Lunch will be provide by the Lake Segara Anak, hot spring water just walk 100 m from Lake
  • Camping at Segara Anak Lake, Enjoy the Lake and surround.
  • Get a better place for Dinner and and open up the tent by night to sleep at Segara Anak to get the blooming water and natural voice by the night as a great dream ever.

A Little Information About Segara Anak Lake

Aside from its beauty, Segara Anak Lake is famous for other facts including its history. For the locals (Sasak Tribe), the lake has become the part of their culture due to its spiritual essence. No wonder, some of them are often seen on the location to perform a traditional ritual. The next important fact is that the lake owns a myth regarding visitors’ point of view. It is said those who think it is a vast lake would get blessed by a long life and vice versa.

In order to get more information regarding the history and myth of the lake, tourists should hire a local guide or simply gather info from villagers. What is next? Once learning its history, it is time to explore Segara Anak Lake. The first interesting activity to try is definitely fishing. Everyone can enjoy it as long as they do not spoil the environment. Moreover, the fishes are abundant and tourists are allowed to bring the fishes they have caught!

The next charm of Segara Anak Lake is the formation of caves residing near to the site. These include Manik, Payung, and Susu Cave. However, it takes some time to get around the lake as it has the size of approximately 1,100 hectares. As for the depth, it is about 230 meters! Here is the tip. Make sure to come to the lake before noon. Otherwise, the temperature becomes too hot and uncomfortable.

Day 03: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the mountain

  • On the Morning time where you can enjoy breakfast at Segara Anak without worried about next hurry trekking but time for relax to spread the bond and clean the sweat out the body.
  • Spend more time to enjoy Lake and hotspring water
  • After lunch we will prepare climb up to crater Rim of Senaru by 3 hours walk.
  • Need to be care full due the trail quiet top and step up, when we trek up to the mountain it need more power to push to get the summit by the time planning but when we go down should be harder due to survive the body balance during the step down.
  • Sunset over mount Agung in Bali will be a magical view you can see and the smoke trough tout from the hole of the new volcano.
  • Camping at crater Rim of Senaru with enjoy your dinner here.

Day 04. Breakfast and Lunch at the mountain

  • After breakfast and enjoying the sunrise prepare to walk down to Senaru village
  • Lunch will prepare on the way between POS 2 or POS EXTRA.
  • Arrive at Senaru Rinjani Trekking Centre around 13.00 PM.
  • Prepare your self at our camp for another transfer to Senggigi, Mataram or Bangsal harbor if you wish to come to Gili lsland.
4D 3N From SembalunUSD 530USD 345

Price Exclude.

  • Head lamp/hand torch
  • Trekking shoes
  • Trekking Jacket
  • Air plane ticket
  • Extra porter for own luggage (Standard Service)
  • Daily cloth
  • Stick
  • Tipping for guide and porter.

Price Include for Standard Service.

  • In and out transport around Lombok area,
  • 1 night accommodations before or after trekking (optional)
  • Food and beverage
  • 3 Littre of mineral water/person a day.
  • Tend, mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and toilet tend
  • Guide and porter
  • Entrance fee for Mt. Rinjani National Park IDR 150/person.
  • Certificate (On Request)
  • Donations

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