Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights

A perfect Rinjani trekking package which suitable for all traveler with enough time spare to do any trekking with really perfect time range, however this kind of package is our best seller package as long as we open this kind of trekking Rinjani Package.

From Day to day we continue to made the reports through whole our clients and we find the most reasonable package and best seller until now time, here the most reason why the trekker should book this Rinjani Package Tour :

  • Have an Enough time for traveler to enjoy the Rinjani Trekking with 2 nights sleep on the mountain of Rinjani and 3 days explore.
  • Have time to visit 4 the best destination for Rinjani Trekking Tour ( Summit, Lake, Crater Rim and other Hot Spring.
  • A low fitness level for traveler will be marching with time quantity of your trekking

Day 0 Pick up at Meeting point

Pick up time at the meeting point will be valid for one day before trekking, as the company which running Rinjani Trekking Package exactly we have some flexible package which marching to your timing, experience and your quantity of your trekking time.

Our Trekking Rinjani Package follow to your 4 Factors :

  • Experience that make you flexible to take any package you need to, experience able to measure depend to the mountain which have been trekked previously.
  • Quantity of Trekking, if you have this one then easy for us to recognize which package suitable for you to take therefore all easy when we running all.
  • Body or Health on that time, this is a big factor that influence to the all factor, if you good experience but no health will be a something did not balance.
  • Level of Fitness, high level of fitness will make us put you are on the top of level to take any kind of package for you

After pick up time done then we continue to welcoming you in our Basecamp in senaru to serve you with kindness staff to prepare your bed and another hotel facilities before some of briefing starting by the night time

Our briefing will start by night time where we have been make an agreement for the time, to know more about Rinjani Trekking Procedure, Rinjani Trekking Equipment, Rubbish Management, Food and Beverage serving in the mountain also what the best equipment we should bring to easier our way to travel in Rinjani Mountain.

Also in briefing time we try to recognized about headline of Rinjani Mountain Information which marching to traveler mission, a right information from online and offline which one are true and which one are last information which do not valid anymore.

One night stay in our base camp to create a team controll and communication between a traveler and guide also porter, respect one to each other will be an important thing.

Day 01 Start to Hike Rinjani

Start o hike Rinjani Mountain after getting breakfast from our base camp at 05.00 am, getting more energy to push the body to the top of Rinjani.

Our open Cab car will starting to bring you to Senaru Trekking Centre to make trekking registration, it need to get information from the guest who still running trekking on Rinjani, the report will need to make decision how to bring up the Rinjani as top level destination next future.

Senaru trekking center will collect some report like :

  • Name/Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Passport
  • Long term trekking Rinjani

This information valuable for Rinjani Centre to have reported for every month for total visitor and yearly report then easier to compare the total visitor from each country in the world wide and also for Rinjani Trekking Insurance, please do not missing this kind of report cause that is very important for safe and trekking insurance.

After registration, that time to hike the mountain, a rain forest will be the first sign on the door of Rinjani welcoming you, a slow trekking and smooth step will be the first experience, after 3 or 4 hours trekking our guide will lead to stop in Pos 1 to take any breathe before continue trekking to another point.

Getting a little energy to push the trek then continue trekking to next step, take 2 or 3 hours for trekking until we reach the Pos 2 for getting long rest, luch time was come over to, the time for porter to make a special lunch with hot venue.

All porter busy to make the best menu to the guest and time for guide to help the porter, relax time will be a great time to make a little joke to break the situation. make a little thing to approached one to each other then friendly team will be have it on it. another little story to describe with guest as an experience will respected.

After long rest finished then going to Pos 3 as the last trip for day 1 cheap Rinjani Trekking Package, finally we make a camp in Senaru Crater Rim under 2.641 meters on surface of the water where most of Rinjani View you will got it here.

Day 02 Explore Rinjani Crater Lake

From Senru Crater Rim which a place where we stay by night on it then continue to reach the Lake of Segara Anak Rinjani where the guest can enjoy some activity :

  • Fishing time
  • Taking a photo with the lake background
  • Take Bath
  • Explore the lake Segara Anak

When the day time finish shortly then we continue to explore hot spring where most of our foreign really have good smile on it, they will say that “hot water in hotel much more different with hot water into the wild” and getting for photo shot while swimming or sink on the water.

The local people belief that hot water in Rinjani Mountain can clean your body from sickness and avoid and bring out all of poisons in your body, therefore most of people in the feet of Rinjani also in the whole of Lombok people going to Rinjani just for it.

Day 03 Finish the Trekking

After Breakfast time in Lake of Segara Anak then continue to step up to the Senaru Crater Rim and getting some snack, a relax time we need in here before going down to the POS 2, there are many step have been push to going down and going up to the other step to the other one, much of spot have been combining trek from slow trek, hard trek and medium trek.

There some trek which have been classified by admin of One Rinjani Trekking below :

  • Sandy Trek which found on the way to the summit, in this spot valid the rule Two step to get one step meaning if you make one step up your feed will back a half step behind then double work you need in this spot.
  • Steep and Rocky trek where you will found this kind of trek on the day 2 when the way to the lake of Segara Anak the thick forest which green colour everywhere will come with you around, a voice from animal and bird singing out there
  • Medium Trek with Ground Material you will found on the first day of trekking which the rain forest show every where,

After getting lunch on POS 2 then continue trekking down to the Senaru where the meeting point is it, finally all clients will transported to the next destination in Lombok .

The whole price include

  • All trekking equipment
  • All trekking tools
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Diner
  • Professional Guide and Porter
  • Licensed Guide
  • A Night stay in Senaru
  • Pick up Service from Meeting Point
  • Dropping Service to the next destination
  • Entrance fee Rinjani National Park
  • Rinjani Trekking Insurance
  • Collecting Rubbish from top to Bottom
  • Rubbish Cover prepared
  • Snack, Fresh Fruits
  • Soft Drink

The price are Exclude

  • Shoes ( able to rent anywhere before trekking )
  • Warm Jacket ( able to rent before trekking )
  • Tips for guide and porter
  • Personal expense
  • Flight Ticket

Price for trekking 3 Days 2 Nights

Group Size

2 Pax

4 pax

6 pax

8 pax

10 pax

Price per person

240 USD

220 USD

200 USD

180 USD

160 USD

Finally the last of Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights have been describe for clearly understand , if you have any question which not written above, you may asked us to our personal contact +62 878-9993-8630 of email us at onerinjanitrekking@gmail.com, we ready to serve you with best of our service

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