Mount Rinjani Closed

Recently information about Rinjani Trekking have been close due to the earthquake happening in Lombok and have been stopped all the tourism object in Lombok for some of the moment, and now after 5 month passed during that manner then starting to explore the Rinjani new views.

Absolutely the traveler should get the right information from the right hand what the best time for trekking time and why the trekking should forbidden then traveler will realize the risk, a complete information story will be a part of information to consider, here the reason why Mount Rinjani Close for trekking activity

Mount Rinjani closed due Rainy Season

This situation have been running for year to the years, due to the season of Indonesian with 2 season, Rainy season and dry season, when dry season that best time where the trekking should be running for the whole of traveler due to the land condition supported for trekking time, This condition starting from first of April and finish until the last of December.

And another season is Rainy Season when the time for agriculture in Sembalun and the whole lombok area start to plan some kind of daily consumption such us Paddy, Corn and Grasses, that time for the Guide and Porter taking rest to get in to the Rinjani mountain, the season starting from first of January and finish at the last of March.

Please note on your travel planning that Rinjani mountain closed for trekking from first of January to the last of March, this situation valid every years to years but some day we will change the statements depend to the season role, the condition and season will change the planning.

The Rinjani Government Control (TNGR) will send the noted to the all travel agent Rinjani Trekking Company during the condition and situation then all operator will manage the availability depend to the information pointed.

Landslide on Mountain Rinjani Trek

This condition have been happen some years ago just for one or two weeks during the rainy season only, when the land fully with water volume, however this situation happen during 2 kind of situation come with (Rainy Season Condition and Earthquake which happen in the whole of Lombok Island)

Landslide condition is suddenly situation which no one able to predict early, then the information will get after get notification from TNGR, after this condition have broadcasted then the whole of us and the trekker who running the trekking will automatically pick back to the trekking Center cause the evacuation team from government always standby to get rush notification. When this situation happen then the all traveler will stop to get in Rinjani Mountain by TNGR.

Earthquake Situation

The earthquake situation have been made Lombok Tourism Object booms on 2018, all the potential of Lombok Vacation have been close over, the condition have been running for the first time in millennial century without some notification previously. Earthquake situation not only take place in Rinjani Mountain but also in the whole area of Lombok Island.

Rinjani Mountain have been for a years and all the guide and porter take another job holder in some kind of opportunity, this condition have been made the big trauma for some of Lombok People to stay on the tent to protect their life. However this condition happen due to the environment movement and now the condition have been heal every days to days, also the tourist starting to take Rinjani Mountain at one of the list on Traveling the world note.

Rinjani Closed cause Eruption Condition

Rinjani erupted three times on 22 May 2010 with activity continuing until early on 23 May. According to the volcano’s official monitoring agency, ash from Mount Rinjani was reported as rising up to two kilometers into the atmosphere and damaged crops. The volcano did not threaten villagers at that time.

Rinjani Mountain Closed, Mount Rinjani closed

Gunung Baru Jari which means a small mountain in the middle of Rinjani have been erupted and closed the Lombok sky for a week and stopped the flight to Lombok, this affected for the some visitor who have planned to travel to Lombok should cancelled the flight and choose the Bali Island as the choice to enjoy the rest time.

Finally the 4 reason why the Rinjani Mountain Closed have described above, if you have any question then contact us via email to

“We are happy to inform that Rinjani open for 2020”

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