Best Restaurant in Senaru

There are two restaurant we recommend which both restaurant have an a delicious food under the cool temperature on feet of Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani Lodge

One of the best hotel in Senaru where you can see the beautiful Rinjani Mountain by the swimming pool, has a classical concept with outdoor swimming pool. this hotel suitable for you who want to stay relax and enjoying Rinjani View while stay in the luxury place.

Rinjani Lodge in Senaru is a restaurant and hotel accommodation located on the borders of the Rinjani National Park in North Lombok.

With stunning panoramic views of Mount Rinjani and across the lush rice paddies of the volcanic foothills down to the ocean, Rinjani Lodge is the perfect place to stay to relax, unwind and explore the beautiful North Lombok region.

To serve the inhouse guest and other order from outside, Rinjani Lodge offer some food with Restaurant Inside to collaborate hotel service and food and beverages also

Tom Yoong Goong Thai Food

Golden Rinjani Resto

While serve the accomodation, Rinjani Golden serve food some kind of food which the tourism hard to find in Senaru Village, here of some menu :
– Chicken Burger and another kind of it
– Nasi Goreng
– Mie Goreng
– Spaghetti Bolognase and other Spaghetti
– Breed
– Sandwhices
– Any kinds of juices
– Coco Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Lemonade

Nasi Goreng
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