5 The Best Moment Senaru Crater Rim

Sleeping under the sky fully of star

Normally the whole trekker enjoying night time on the big bad with our conditioner and fully hotel service with whole perfect facilities, now traveler can imagine how the wild life with the sky as the roof and the star as a light to show the spot and the wind as a natural music to leaves the night

Rinjani Trekking meeting point, rinjani trekking package

exactly those are the best moment you will never for get just a while in your life, starting to love the wild life and came to stay together with the rain forest, some of the people say that trekking teach us to understand how the life just about to understand how your ability, the way your thinking and the way you think about life then how can you understand about one of your friend next to you then the team can running together under one mission to defeat the top of Rinjani.

Sunset view on the Mountain Agung Bali

Sunset moment will be a something important to wait for it, sky come with the red line on the sky as a symbol that the night come close to, the beautiful sunset witnesd by all traveler on the top of campsite, all together bring a camera and hold the button to avoid losing the best sunset moment.

A camera will very need it, a valuable thing that you need is a camera to shot the moment, every moment from the sky blue then line the sky with red line then finally close the day by sunset awesome on the west side.

Smokes up to Segara Anak Lake

A thousand of smokes regularly stay together on the whole of top Rinjani where this moment the Local People say ” Negeri di atas awan ” cause of our feet step on the land where the smokes under traveler seat, how the smokes come and gone bringing by the wind, there look so beautiful.

As the first time we go for Rinjani Trekking for the first tme this moment have been make me feeling wooow cause the first time have i seen that the smok like a land white which possible for us to drive on it, look like a dream.

The Beautiful Sunrise on the Sangkareang Valley

Sun rise say hello to us when the night say good bye, you will the whole trees around very beautiful, breathe with an clean oxygen and fresh environment make those all perfectly, for the people who lives in the city with hurry and busy life, they will really enjoyed the condition on it.

Catch the sun rise moment and feel free to feel that new life energy have impulse to our body and continue the next life more.

Top Rinjani Mountain View by Senaru Crater Rim

See the top of Rinjani is one of trekking mission, every trekker from bottom to the top always imagine how can they defeat the Top of Lombok Highest Places. to a part of Trekker is a struggle of life although the life is not as easy as Rinjani Mountain.

See the top from the Lake of Segara anak make traveler pushed the Adrenalin to come to the as fast as they can, make a little shot on it then saying good bye.

Here the 5 best moment that traveler can save in Senaru Crater Rim as the moment never missing when planning to Rinjani Mountain.

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